Campaign 2 – Episode 65 – Is This Chocolate?

The Dawn Guard have found the location where they think the final shard rests. I looming bubble dome surrounded by boiling water awaits our “heroes”. Will they locate the final shard? Will they survive whatever awaits them? Will Kibei puncture the bubble for fun? Find out here!

Intro Music Courtesy of Gogol Bordello

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    Austin Lehar

    Brandon Thurow

    BreAnne Iverson

    Brett Kelley

    Cheryl Maplefish

    Craig Thibodeau


    Haeley Rebello

    James Hills

    James Hurt

    Jesse Hollenweger

    Joshua Fox

    Matt Barns

    Noah Price

    Rachel Lindley

    Sierra Jones

    Tarken Davis (aka Ghost of Timmy the Mute)

    Wesley Isham

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